Building a swimming pool can be compared to building a house, that is, the floor and walls have to be massive with lots of iron and the necessary foundation, unlike the La Marina houses, all of our pools are earthquake-proof and waterproof.
Click on our link "Executed works" to see how we build pools.
Some information about this:
The floor is provided with an iron bars net and the iron go into the walls.
Every 20cm vertically and every 20cm horizontally the 10 to 12mm iron bars are placed.
The thickness of the ground foundation is 20cm and is made with special cement mix from the Lorry (HA-25 / B / 18-11 / 2/5 + Hydrofuga)
The floor iron is connected to the wall iron and extended every 20 cm vertically, each row of the building stones (H-Blocs) has 2 iron bars (Horizontal), The blocs are then filled with the same cement mixture as the ground.
With this work the pool lasts a lifetime and we give a 15 year warranty.
After drying, the walls are additionally provided with a waterproof coating.
Then we start laying tiles (gresite / mosaic), we also use flexible and waterproof tile adhesive and as the only one here, we use 2 componenten Epoxy Grout mortar to fill in the joints ... there we also give 5 years guarantee, though this Grout mortar will last a lifetime.
So a professional pool is built, 
.....who wants to save money here, will have to invest much more money later, 
as a pool repair is done professionally ... is very expensive.
I am pleased to meet you in person, 
to create your pool
Best regards
Reinhard Schäppi