What is maintained, will last longer

The care of the house, the maintenance of the garden and the maintenance of the pool 
is a matter of trust, unfortunately, this trust is often exploited because the client is not present.

This responsible and trusting work is done ONLY by my wife and me, 
so the customer can be 100% sure that he will not experience any surprises when he comes home.
Care of the house

- Cleaning
- Final cleaning for rental
- All repairs will be done by us or ours
  Subcontracting professionally and quickly executed naturally in our presence.
Maintenance of the garden

- Cleaning the garden
- cutting the plants and trees
- Spraying the plant (Fumicacion) is carried out by our gardener.
Maintenance of the pool

This work is usually performed poorly, as I said, because usually the customer is not there.
My wife and I take care of the pool 1 times a week in winter and 2 times a week in the summer, 
the care includes:
Controlling the pH and chlorine values
Check the water level
Pool cleaning (floor and walls) Backwash/Filter cleaning
Of course also repair work 
If necessary re-grouting with epoxy 2 componet mortar  
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Reinhard Schäppi