Schäppi CONSTRUCTION Contractor 

More than 20 years' experience

Schäppi Construction is one of the leading construction companies in Urb.La Marina ( San Fulgencio ) and surroundings, using the latest techniques to carry out projects. 

Schäppi Construction covers the whole range of construction, from engineering to the performance of works and their later maintenance, and also the management of public works concessions

80% of the work will be carried out personally by Reinhard Schäppi, so that a minimum guarantee of 3 years can be guaranteed.

The organization has 4 specialized business units:  

1) Extension, enlargement and basement excavation

2) Renovation of living room, bathroom and bedroom

3) Pool construction (solid = earthquake-proof and waterproof) with 15 years warranty 

4) specialized in interior and exterior tiling

Of course we also do other construction work, no work is too small or too big for us. 

" All our work is carried out legally with building permit "
Of course, we also have our long-standing subcontractors for the following works:

Electrics, plumbers, wood-iron-aluminum and PVC works, these include:
Air conditioners, heaters, infrared heaters, awnings, Photovoltaic,
Solar, aluminum conservatory and many more works. 

Reinhard Schäppi your personal adviser